Off-road Design

Off-road designs for vehicles for difficult areas

Off-road designs refer to those vehicles specially made for travelling where there are no roads. These vehicles are turned into more sturdy machines that can run on rough terrain where there are no roads. Vehicles like SUVs, pickup trucks, snow bikes, motorcycles, and mountain bicycles are commonly turned into off road vehicles with the off-road design tools. Off-road designs come into a lot of practise for military purposes and the military usually design their own vehicle.

Recreational off-road designs

Off-road design of vehicles have extra space for ground clearance, thicker tyres, rear and front differential locking, low gears and so on. The Land Rover may be ideally called an off-road design. But there are many models of recreational off-road design vehicles. Different level of experience handles different off-road vehicles. One such model is the dune bashing ORV. It is used in the sand dunes and is a very common sport in Middle East. There are many states in US too who allow ORVs in areas like Silver Lake Sand dunes, Michigan and Imperial sand dunes, California. Cross country off-roading is also very common. It is common in North Africa and apart from the correct off-road designed vehicle one needs a lot of navigational skill. One may have to travel long stretches of unchartered lands and may face various obstacles. Another type of off-roading is called as Raid. It is usually a part of the travel being off-roading. This is also common in North African countries. This type of specialised off-Rod design of vehicle is made with extra fuel tank, more space for storage of food and tenting materials, and of course space for tools and other cargo. Rock racing is yet another form of Off-roading where the vehicle runs on rocks at high speed. Similarly recreational ORVs including mudding and greenlining vehicles also, all specialised for a special type of off-roading purpose.

Modifications of off-road vehicles

In general there are certain modifications made with Off-road designs of vehicles. The most common is the vehicle lift that allows more space between the bottom of the vehicle and the ground. in this case the body of the vehicle is lifted along with the suspension. Axles can also be lifted for more ground clearance. The next modification that is done is changing the tyres with larger and stronger models. Getting bigger tyres ensures that the ground clearance is increased all along the lower half of the vehicle. Traction control is yet another form of modification in which different traction control devices are used. Some of them are locking differential, four wheel drive, limited slipping differential, and airing down of the tyres. There is a lot of risk associated with modifying the off road vehicles. The most important factor is that the vehicles centre of gravity is raised and there are very big chances of the toppling off of the vehicle.  To combat these dangers there are special protection like skid plates or bull guard. On the whole, off-road design of vehicles needs a very keen and talented driver!

In the market various kits are available like Off-road deign Doubler that can change your regular trucks and SUVs into an ORV.



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